? Are you looking for a Software Development company that understands your business and actually listens?

? Would you like to work with IT experts who have excellent communication skills?

? Do you need a more competent IT Solutions provider who speaks your language?

? Are you interested in experienced Software Consulting to automate your business processes and systems based on latest technologies and digital trends?

? Do you feel your team could work more efficiently with the right, easy-to-use applications and user trainings?


Company History

Our Team at KEZMAS Soft Ltd. designs and creates software solutions that support, enhance and optimize your business success and day-to-day work with IT.

Our mission is being the best IT solutions provider with our expertise in software & digital content development, application management, support and IT Consulting.

Based on our team’s excellence in communication, we closely work with clients in Bangladesh and abroad to fully understand their business needs first and deliver best suitable software solutions and great user experience with fully secured system.

As the Best IT Partner in Bangladesh, we always are on our customers’ side, to steadily reach their business goals with highest IT expertise, experience and professionalism.

Our software solutions and related services include state-of-the-art IT solutions in the areas of

  • Customized Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Application Management
  • Digital Content Development & Management
  • Mobile Applications
  • Offshore Development
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Software Services (Consulting, Maintenance, Support & User Trainings)

KEZMAS Soft Limited

Core Values



Kezmas Soft Limited Mission is to make technology simple with an affordable price


Kezmas Soft Limited Vision is to provide tomorrow's technology today. Technology has never provided more opportunities in this rapidly thriving economy right now and choosing the right partner lets you leverage those opportunities. We are the team committed to your success and access to today’s and tomorrow’s leading technologies. And we are a determined band of people with a vision to become a partner in progress in the coming days of “Digital Bangladesh" with the mission to make technology simple with an affordable price.


Quality of Services

  • Flexibility and Extensibility
  • Maintainability and Readability
  • Performance and Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Usability and Accessability
  • Platform Compatibility and Portability
  • Testability and Manageability
  • Functionality and Correctness


Security is a very important issue on software development, especially for web or mobile based ones which may have millions of users with the ability of remote accessing to system. We, KEZMAS Soft Limited, always construct a security policy and apply it correctly by leaving no entry points. This may include authorization and authentication techniques, network attack protections, data encryption and so on. all possible types of security leaks should be considered.

Chairman KEZMAS Soft Limited

Voice of Chairman

When I finished my graduation, I planned to start an online business. In those days I have no idea about the website or software. I went to the company to company to make an e-commerce website, but the price was so high that I can’t afford it in any way. I went to the freelancers, but the quality of work is not up to the mark, moreover, the freelancers are not ensuring the security of the website. I was a network engineer in those days, so I know the importance of security. I struggle a lot to open an e-commerce website for more than 2(two) years but it was quite a high price. Then I decided to do my business on Facebook, but I found that Facebook has so many limitations and most of the peoples are not believing Facebook-commerce. Ah, I have to drop my business idea then one day I meet with one of my friends who told me that I am not only the one who suffers like this. Then I realized that I have to do something for the people who are struggling in the same way. I do not want anyone to suffer any more for such services. In 2019 I have started KEZMAS Soft Limited, which is the solution for the people who suffers like me and also for the corporate offices which only use some free or opensource software. We believe in quality and security more than the price. In the 20th Century, everything goes online, as a result, the risk of hacking is also increasing. We do not want our customers to be hacked.

Our Partners